Everybody talks about the crisis...

No matter if it is called an economic crisis, a financial crisis, a bank crisis, a national debt crisis or a crisis of the Euro - the reasons are basically the same: More and more people are affected or threatened by unemployment, lost their houses and their retirement funds, companies only have few business orders... in short: Uncertainty is increasing. This goes for Austria and Germany (despite their situation being far better than others’) as well as for Southern Europe where more and more people are left with nothing. For quite some time, politicians haven’t been given credit to solve these huge problems quickly. Instead, the chronic and tedious political conflict about solutions reinforces the crisis and, by extension, related problems in society.

… but what is behind?

The project strives to inform about the most important links behind the global financial and economic crisis. In order to achieve this goal, background information on the causes and developments of the crisis were edited on a scientific basis. The aim of this project is to make said causes understandable for everyone. For only when the links are clear, possible solutions can be evaluated. Especially when it is democratic answers to the crisis that shall be found, we will not be able to avoid dealing with the indeed complex causes of the crisis. Otherwise we risk that other self-proclaimed experts or cunning demagogs answer decisive questions for us. In this sense we wish to make a contribution to an undeceived and objective discourse on the financial and economic crisis.

Achieving more together!

This survey on the backgrounds of the crisis is supposed to support a respectable public debate. Since this important goal can only be achieved through collaboration, we ask for your support: Email this website to your friends and acquaintances, share it on Facebook or like our fan page, and give many people a chance to see for themselves what the crisis is about. We wish you a lot of fun discussing and thank you for your support!

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